Saturday, January 2, 2010

Jan 2-Day trip

Today we took a day trip to San Antonio (2 hours away). I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast before we left. When we got there we stopped at a Mexican restaurant and had breakfast tacos . Cost was 14.00 with tip
Then we went to the mall. I spent 12.00 in bath and body works. We could not find my college son the tennis shoes he was looking for so we went to Acadamy. We had budgeted 50.00 for shoes but when we got there found out they were 110.00. I looked quickly online on my cell phone and that was the going price and since he was going back to college we went ahead a got them. Then we went to lunch with friends and payed. The bill was 79.99 but this was all ready in our budget because it was their Christmas gift. We then went to several other stores were I spent a total of 22.00. I did pass up on a lot of things I looked at because I know I need to save and really don't need more junk.
Usually we would have stopped at a fast food restaurant on the drive home but we went ahead and came straight home and heated up leftovers.

So all in all we did better then we have in the past but can work on it still.

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