Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Why ??

Last night I had to go and buy dish soap and a dog food. Why did I let myself get down so low that I had to go to the store on a monday night? Why did I not use coupons that I know I had? The answer, because I have not gotten organized with the holiday. I used the excuse of the holidays to not get what I needed done done when actually I did have time to do it because we had a very low key Christmas. So my goal is to save this year.

I WILL get my coupons back in order and when I see the sale of the product I know I use on a regular basis then I am going to buy 2 or 3 to store so I don't go to the store and spend extra.

Oh by the way, when I ran into the store to get those 2 items I ended up getting a bag of candy that was on sale. Did I need it? No Did my family need it? No. So that should not have been on my list. I will try and avoid impulse items if I stay out of the store and in the end I will save my money.

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